MRCP Courses

MRCP Part 2 Paces Course Kochi
[Feb 16 - 19 2018]


MRCP Part 2 Paces Course Chennai
[Mar 02 - 05 2018]


MRCP Part 2 Paces Course Chennai
[Mar 06 - 09 2018]

MRCP Part 2 Paces Course Kolkata
[Apr 13 - 16 2018]


Welcome to Pass The Paces

Our vision is to make every aspirant to become an MRCP at the first attempt.
Our MRCP PACES course is an excellent and competitive - 4 days intensive foundation course in India, with a package of exam techniques and presentation skills matching the high standards at very competitive rates.

Highlights of 4 days "PASS THE PACES" course

  • 100% success rate achieved in march 2008 PACES course conducted in SRM chennai.

  • Offering accurately the methodologies and clinical skills to fulfill the mandatory requirements of the MRCP PACES Examination.

  • Team of dedicated and qualified MRCP NRI doctors handling the classes.

  • Individual attention will be given to the candidates at 4:1 ratio - 4 candidates under one MRCP qualified mentor throughout the teaching cum practical sessions of the course.

  • provision of accurately chosen target clinical cases, with a variety of diagnoses, covering all the MRCP PACES stations.

  • Special emphasis will be given to station 4 testing the candidate''s ability to communicate efficiently with the patients and ability to deal with issues of medical ethics.

  • Special emphasis is given to NEW STATION 5(Integrated clinical skills- Brief clinical cosultation.)

  • Mock examination simulating the PACES with individual feed back and Faculties assistance to improve your clinical skills.

About Pre Course E Learning

  • Our Pre-Course e-learning section will start teaching you well in advance and prepare you go through intensive teaching sessions of our course effectively.

  • You can read electronically our Hand Out material, a condensed form of text covering all possible scenarios in the PACES exam.

  • Our clinical examination video will demonstrate how to examine properly in each PACES station and that is what you are expected to practice in our course as well as during PACES examination.

  • Our clinical cases section will teach you step by step approach to clinical diagnosis and question related to the scenario.

  • All these learning are absolutely free for registered candidates (only). Ours is the only course in the world to do such a free teaching.

  • Earlier you registered more time for you to learn these materials.


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