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About PASS THE PACES Courses

‘Pass the PACES’ is pioneers in MRCP (UK) PACES training in India. The courses are designed and lead by International Experts who are well experienced with new MRCP (UK) format. They keep an intense passion for teaching.

It has achieved 100% success in its first batch and maintaining a very high success rate since inception. It conducts MRCP (UK) PACES training programme with the sole aim to make every candidate successful in their first attempt.

The panel of faculty who not only cleared their MRCP(UK) degree but also well experienced in the new MRCP format, apart from their MD/DM or FRCP(UK). In addition all of them keep an intense passion for teaching. It has candidates from 36 countries so far.

  • Vision and Mission

    Success in the first attempt is the aim of every candidate. The expert panel of faculty helps the candidates to win their dream and makes them globally competent and internationally acceptable doctors. Pass the PACES designs trustworthy doctors with knowledge, skill, quality, and excellent communication skills to meet global expectation. It creates a better generation of doctors.

  • Find your place among them

    ‘Pass the Paces’ tests and supports all candidates and train them improving their examination experience. Since it admits only a limited number of students every year, it assures individual attention and nurtures the candidates’ strong zone. Every new, relevant and minute point is discussed here. Its training comprises of medical knowledge, communication skill, patient management and behavior.

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