History at a glance

MRCP History at a glance

MRCP (UK) is a post graduate diploma in Medicine in United Kingdom, which is considered as the benchmark of highly talented medical post graduated doctors. Examinations are run by the Federation of The Royal Colleges, which include, The Royal College of Physicians of London, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

MRCP (UK) examination began way back in the year 1859 and in late 1960s all the three Royal Colleges recognized a single membership examination in United Kingdom. It is an entry qualification into higher specialty training for doctors who want to be a Specialist Registrar (SpR).

MRCP (UK) qualification is now recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI) and MRCP (UK) qualified doctors can offer their service as teaching faculty in any Medical Colleges in India.

MRCP (UK) PACES examination assesses the candidates’ clinical examination skill, logical conclusion of diagnosis and planning proper management strategies; in addition to exhibiting required communication skill and showing doctors’ professionalism throughout these encounters. No wonder MRCP (UK) is regarded as a highly prestigious professional distinction all over the world.

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