Pass The Paces Pre course E learning

‘Pass The PACES’ team use to conduct the 4 days intensive training course very near to the diet, but we start teaching the candidates the moment they registered with us through our e-learning program. We have uploaded three section in our E-learning program.

(Core medical facts in a condensed form covering almost all possible clinical scenarios that can be kept in real PACES exam) Being a condensed form you may have to go through them several times to have firm grip on the facts discussed. Our whole lecture series revolves around these materials. There is no need to take a print out as we will provide the hard copy to you on the first day of the course. As our course extend from 8 am to 8 pm reading and understanding this hand out during course may not be possible. So reading it well before attending our course will improve your understanding of our teaching.
This is the practical step by step approach to 5 clinical stations and 2 talking stations. There are 3 common scenarios posted in each of 7 sections. Each scenario starts with clinical details followed by questions about your understanding of the facts and the possible next step. Write your answer in a rough paper besides you. After answering them you click next page to check your answer and this is followed by more information and questions. Go through them sequentially we will steer you to arrive at the diagnosis. At the end we have given all possible questions and medical facts about the disease which you should know. It gives guidance how you should prepare similar type of cases in the exam.
Learning proper clinical examination is the important first step in PACES examination. In these videos our core faculties will explain and demonstrate proper clinical examination in each section which you have to master and emulate during your real examination to secure full marks in category A. Moreover, there will be no demonstration of normal clinical examination during our course and you are expected to examine the patients from day one onwards. So we request all of you go thro’ these videos and familiarize yourself with the steps to follow. In the course and diet do the examination like well-oiled machine and not to pause in between thinking about next step.

All you have to do is click the login page and enter your email id/password to assess the study the materials. (NB: Your password will be activated only after receipt of your course fee). In case if you forget your password you can reset it by clicking forget the password option and fill in your email. Open your email and click the link to reset your password.

If you have any problem you can contact us by support@passthepaces.com

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